Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am not very fond of seeing films, but i never miss a good movie. The movie i liked a lot is "BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM ". Actually in that movie the heroine plays football well and she wants to become a football player. But she belongs to a traditional family where they never let girls go out and play. Instead they have to cook. The heroine is just the opposite. She loves to play football all time. Luckily she got into women's football team of her country. Her determination makes her the best and the team gets the world cup. The dialogs were very clear and we find seriousness in humor both side by side in the film.


Tey said...

hmmm i might try to find this movie someehere on DVD, i hope i can have one otherwise, i will just it on my movie cable. thanks anne
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yanuar said...

wow...good job^^